Oceans Edge holly

Scaffolding erected for erection of steel building.

Here's what our client had to say: "The service provided was first class, was performed in an efficient and therefore effective manner. The guys were professional and very helpful. I will definitely be using MY Scaffold again when the occasion arrises. Many thanks for your help" - Contract Manager.

Scaffold for roof and render work in Llanfaelog.

Scaffolding works for private client renovation works to externals for rendering and new plastics. This included a narrow 2 board wide Scaffold section to fit within the space we had on one side of the property.

Scaffold to Llanfaelog Spar for roofing including protection above and in front of access

Scaffold to private property for building works

48hr turn around from submitting the quote, instruction to carry on and then the scaffolding handed over.